Why Adoption?

We honestly can't put a finger on the moment when we knew we wanted to adopt.  It has always been something we have planned on.  From our first conversations about family, it was clear that adoption was on both of our hearts.

We have been blessed with two beautiful biological children and are so incredibly fortunate to have those experiences.  But having children to us, isn't confined to the birth process. 

There are over 147 MILLION orphans world-wide.  If those children stood, shoulder to shoulder, they would literally reach around the globe.  That's way too many children without someone to tell them how amazing they are.  Someone to hug, kiss, tuck them in at night.  Someone to listen to their stories, answer their questions, look them in the eye.

This isn't about "rescuing" someone or expecting gratitude.  We have plenty, others do not.  Each child is as deserving as our other two.  And we would love more littles to chase, cuddle, teach and love.  Easy-peasy.

While it's hard to explain, it's safe to say that we are being led.  We've been led a direction and we're willing to follow. 
And even though explaining it is hard, the truth is, it's simple.
We've said yes.


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