Catching Up

It's been a good long while since I posted here. However, things are starting to pick up, so I expect we'll be updating quite a bit in the future.
We recieved word that we are officially a part of the Mugisha Ministries family in early May. Mugisha Ministries is a ministry that exists to assist families in independent adoptions from Rwanda. It's such a nice medium. We're not using an agency, but we have someone helping us through it who has gone before us. Tina, the woman who runs it, is simply amazing. Through our phone and email conversations, I imagine we will become quite good friends.

We have begun the fundrasing endeavor. Oh Joy! I say that somewhat sarcastically, but really, we are joyful in waiting for God's amazing provision. We had 2 garage sales at Anna's mom's house which were less than mediocre. BUT- we had great donations from many amzing friends, and did come out ahead. Although we don't plan on attempting another one there. Ever. :)

Please mark September 4th (Anna's 26th birthday) on your calendars! We're having a super party/fundraiser. Details to come, but make sure to mare it down now!

Lucas (The Skipper) is busy with shooting weddings, working part-time at a church and fixing up the upstairs. We're finishing off the attic space which is quite large, in order to have some extra room for our homestudy. We've got a busy summer!
Anna's been helping Luke shoot weddings on the weekends, continues to be employed full-time as a youth minister, and push this whole adoption process forward. What a labor of love!

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