Things I'm loving...

... tea parties with my littles. Yesterday, Mimi, Handsome and even Moses the Pug got dressed up to have a tea party of tea (h2o) and "teacakes" (blueberry muffins) on the floor with me. And yes, it was a miracle we found enough pieces of the 2+ tea sets we own to have enough cups & saucers to go around. Luckily, Moses prefers a little bowl. :)

... the Farmer's Market. Yesterday we were on our way home from having our Manto tests read, and stopped at the market. This is the 1st time all year, and I am wondering why I waited so long! For $10 we got the best looking (and tasting!) produce I've had all year. Really, it's the only place I should buy produce this time of year!
... meeting amazing families via the online adoption world. I've been so surprised at the connections that pop up between families simply from being on this international-adoption path together. Once we decided to stop researching and finally take the plunge, we've been dedicated. Things can't get done fast enough, or with less passion :) I have a feeling the friendships that are being formed through this process are going to be good ones.
... knitting. I'm working on the 1st of 2 Christmas stockings for the kids. My grandma has knit every member of the family a stocking up to the grand son-in-laws. She's passed on her vintage patterns and I've picked up the ball (of yarn. ha ha!) It's such a symbol of family and holidays that I am so happy to include my children in. I figured I better get started if they are both going to be done by December. And, I'll have more to do in the future, so really- I can't get behind on THAT!

What are your "bright spots" these days?

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife  – (September 4, 2010 at 3:07 PM)  

I just wanted to wish you happy thoughts and best wishes with the adoption process! I hope that one day in the future I will be on the same journey!

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