Christmas ReCap

Yet another Christmas has come and gone. They seem to sneak up on me no matter how much I try to stay atop of it. Anyway, this one was one for the books for several reasons.

Reason #1: THE SNOW!! Beginning Christmas Eve Eve, the relentless precipitation made for quite the "white" Christmas. We made it to mom's for Christmas Eve "FUN-due" but were barely able to get our car back onto our street. Not having a garage, we knew we would have to move it by 8am for the plows. Come Christmas morning, our car was immobile. After several hours of troubleshooting, shoveling, pushing, rocking, strategizing... (am I making my point??) we were saved by a kind Good Samaritan who was able to tow us out no problemo.
Reason #2: After 4 years of marriage, I now know what The Skipper is like when he is sick. I mean, sick sick. Of course I've nursed him though colds and such, but never anything like what he came down with Christmas Eve. Poor guy puked so much he lost count and now has 6-pack abs. He's on the mend now, and we're wondering if a piece of undercooked chicken at fondue was the culprit. The world may never know...
Reason #3: Christmas Eve, the girls of the family (i.e: Grammie, Myself, Auntie Po and Mimi) took turns towing each other up and down the street in the sled and toboggan. The snow was magical, and it was one of those random moments I know we will all remember for years to come. There's something about seeing your parents and children both so playful and living in the moment that makes one sense the wonder of life.

All in all, it was a Christmas that in no way resembled what we had planned for. However the actual turn out was probably just what we needed. It was a great reminder of the importance of family, simplicity and spontaneity.
I hope your holiday was a memorable one as well, but for all the good reasons.


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