So, it is indeed that time again. The time where I waste countless hours soaking up "year's best" lists and thinking about another year to accomplish something.

Not that I'm complaining- I actually like a new year. Something about fresh starts and trying again that really puts the oomph back in my trot. But I don't waste time with the traditional "loose weight", "eat better", "exercise once this year" resolutions. No no, I just like to spend time looking forward to the things I am excited about. Things like:
- Spending more creative time with my kids. Even if I am tired, had a long day, etc. I want to push myself to get on the floor and "make pancakes" with the deck hands.
- Dating more. Yes, dating my husband. We go out once in a blue moon, and only for anniversaries, maybe a birthday. I want to get babysitters more and take that hunk OUT! He's too handsome to not show off more often. Besides, we have family in town. HELLO FREE SITTERS!
- Commit to working on a fun project for ME once a week. Whether it's a new baking recipe, knitting project, tearing down a wall, I want to have some more personal "accomplishments" this year. My kids are self-sufficient enough to whine at my feet for periods over 5 minutes. I can squeeze a little more "me" time in.
- Give more. This year, I feel like I have become stingy. Part of that is due to raising a family on one income and trying to save for future endeavors. However, it's a dangerous line. Do I "save" too much, squelching the generosity I want to cultivate in our family? Reckless spending and giving whatever we can are two very different things. I want to challenge myself more in this area.
- Open my mind. I feel that there are so many things I would love to know. Being a naturally eager learner, I am challenging myself to read more, listen MUCH more, pray more, and share about the same amount. (I can be a blabber mouth).

I'm greatful for the chance to "better myself". When you really think about it, New Year's is all about grace. What a better time to think about the grace- and 2nd chances- we are gifted with.

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